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Updated: 8 Aug 2012


Q1: How much is the lens?
A1: Please refer to HERE.

Q2: Is the shipping included?
A2: No, please refer to the SHIPPING METHOD.

Q3: Can I trust you?
A3: You can trust us as we are doing this business more than 1 year.

Q4: Can I make my payment after I receive my lens?
A4: No

Q5: When will the lens reach to me?
A5: Within 5 working days after you have made your payment.

Q6: How long does the lens last?
A6: 1 year.Depends on how individual take care of it.

Q7: When is the expiry date of the contact lenses?
A7: Please refer to the product’s label as the expiry date is printed there.

Q8: Do I need to buy two pairs if my eyes have different power range?
A8: No, you don't. You can choose each of your eyes power range by buying only one pair.

Q9: Which lens is nice and more natural, can you recommend?
A9: It is up to individual. Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.

Q10: Will you refund if the lens bottle is broken when receives?
A10: No, we are doing a trading business, once the item is sent out , we will not responsible anymore, is you and the courier service.

Q11: Do you offer wholesales?
A11: Yes, we do. Please ask me for price lists.